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The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (or TRPA) was formed in 1969 through a bi-state compact between California and Nevada which was ratified by the U.S. Congress. The agency is mandated to protect the environment of the Lake TahoeBasin through land-use regulations and is one of only a few watershed-based regulatory agencies in the United States.

TRPA and its mission [1] are one-of-a-kind and represent an unprecedented attempt to address environmental, economic and cultural values at both regional and local levels. The Agency is the lead organization responsible for creating and implementing region-wide solutions to protection. The Agency is a symbol of environmental responsibility and stewardshipand provides a legal means to govern the region. TRPA is recognized throughout the world for what it contributes to thescience of resource protection. Much of the effort put forth is ground breaking and the problems addressed have no textbook remedies. This is in part what makes the Agency a lightning rod attracting a wide range of opinions and emotions.